The secrets of color pencils

The secrets of color pencils

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To occupy your artist, nothing like a good set of colored pencils. Make the right choice ... because it will hang his masterpiece "for dad" in the office!

How is a colored pencil made?

  • Making a colored pencil takes four to five days First, pigments, clay and wax are mixed to obtain a thick and homogeneous paste, which is then pressed until the formation of a spaghetti yarn, cut and dried. So much for the mines, which will be trapped between two plates of wood cut. Finally, we embellish the pencil: it is painted, varnished, cut, before being stored and stored in cases, blisters or cans.

Which one to choose ?

  • For toddlers, choose suitable pens, with an ergonomic handle and resistant and safe materials, despite all the "chewing" mines and varnish. Prefer synthetic resin products that do not break. The wax pencil is a good alternative, which slides effortlessly and lasts a long time. Check that the product is marked "CE".
  • Opt for brands, quality guarantees.

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