Your baby 0-1 year

The time of the first friends

Your baby is barely 1 year old and you think you are the only love of his life and you discover that there are now Lou, Andréa, Lucas ... His very first friends! They all know only a few words and yet they communicate.

  • At first, for your baby, all the friends of his friends are his friends. First, he discovers the pleasure of giving. What happiness to exchange objects with friends on the floor with him! He does not even think of stealing the neighbor's toy. He does not know loyalty in friendship either.
  • That Leanne has only eyes for him today and that tomorrow she replaces him with Lucas does not bring with him any state of mind. The key is to have company. Enjoy it because, as soon as it goes, things will change: it will want what others have, become exclusive and ... jealous!
  • Right now, your baby just needs to play with friends. And you will see how much friendship makes him progress. Learning to combine one's actions with those of others allows him to improve his sociability, which will be very important the day he goes to school.
  • He will also perfect his skills: he and his friends will discover that they can imitate and pass on information.

How to help make friends so small?

  • Put him in touch often with other children, but do not rush things. If, one day, he wants to stay stuck with you, let him do it.
  • Look for friends of his age. With older children, he will be confined to the role of baby. With smaller ones, he will have a hard time evaluating his possibilities.
  • If you want to foster a friendship, invite one of his boyfriends home. Your child will be on his territory and things will be much easier for him.