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The time of the return

The time of the return

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Patrick, in his fifties, is a maternal assistant. The kids in the neighborhood have fondly dubbed him Super Nounou because he's as friendly as benevolent, funny and cautious. Today, the holidays over, he looks forward to the return of "his children" ...

  • I have the strange feeling of preparing my binder ... Except that instead of decorating my kit of stickers and to cut my pencils, I check the state of the material essential to the exercise of my functions: table to change, awakening games, nap corner. Stretching the fresh sheets on the mattresses, I have the impression of gathering the breath of all those who have already slept there. As for the games room, the walls are bursting with laughter, which makes even more curious the silence that reigns there today. Bell ring. I open and I can not help smiling to find Sam in the arms of his mother's teacher.
  • "What a good look you have!" I cry.
  • "Sam wanted to say hello," she says. Sam changes his arm.
  • "It's that you've been gaining weight for two months, I tell him, as soon as I get back to school, I'll put you to the exercise!" His little chubby arm squeezes my neck.
  • "Games Pati?"
  • "I see you have not forgotten the essential!"
  • They stay half an hour, just time for Sam to resume the temperature of the toe, and, on leaving, meet me a week later.
  • The bell does not stay silent for long. This time, it's Chloe's mom. The little girl jumps on my neck. It also bears on the face the tan of successful holidays. I feel that his mom needs to talk. I offer him to drink in the kitchen.
  • "That's it," she said cautiously, "I'm bothered, I'll need your advice, it's about back to school, we got a place in kindergarten for Chloe ... But I hesitate to leave her there. half time and you entrust her in the afternoon ... "

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