Pregnancy: Biokinergic can help you

Pregnancy: Biokinergic can help you

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Back pain, nausea, baby sitting ... Halfway between osteopathy and Chinese medicine, biokinergie is based on rebalancing points of tension of the body. A gentle method that can relieve the ills of pregnancy.

What is biokinergie?

  • Halfway between osteopathy and Chinese medicine, biokinergie is a very gentle manual care technique, which aims to go back to the source of pain to relieve it. The practitioner will lift the tensions of the body so that it can work better.
  • Biokinergie is not intended for heavy pathologies that require significant surgical or medical management. It is perfectly indicated to relieve the evils of the pregnancy.

How is a biokinergie session?

  • She lasts about an hour. The practitioner asks you first about the circumstances of the occurrence of your symptom, whether it is a specific pain or a disorder: sleep problem, sciatica ...   As soon as a disturbance occurs in the body, be it energetic, mechanical or psychic, tensions at certain points of the body will appear and tissues spiral themselves around these points. At each point of tension corresponds an injury, be it psychic, energetic or organic.
  • By manipulating the patient, the practitioner perceives these tissue wraps. By small pressure of the hands, it stimulates these points in order to relax the muscles and to make their mobility to the joints. Biokinergie aims to help the body regain its self-regulation and overall balance.

What pains of pregnancy can be relieved?

  • Nausea, backache, heavy legs, insomnia ... pathologies that can spoil pregnancy are not lacking. Good news, they can be relieved with this gentle technique. For back pain caused by the weight of the baby, the practitioner will for example act on the tissue points and relieve the muscular and articular system of the future mother.
  • Biokinergics can also help a baby in a seat to turn around, even in late pregnancy. The practitioner will work on the positioning of the child and help him find his place: "It works for about three pregnant women in five that I see in consultation," said Marc Massoteau, biokinergiste and president of the association president MK biokinergie.

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