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We create a mural in family

We create a mural in family

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A fresco is giant to decorate the wall of the living room or that of his room. Either we improvise totally, all in family. Either one uses a support in store. To your equipment!

We improvise a fresco together

  • You need Kraft paper. Opt for a large roll of 1 x 10 m for example. Ideal for pencil, felt and pastel, this screen paper is smooth and economical. You can choose white or brown, but there are also other colors to discover for more originality.
  • What do we do ? Unroll 3 or 4 meters of paper on the wall. Secure it with Patafix or Scotch tape if your wall is safe. Otherwise, you can also create your work on a large table, it will be easier to protect it.
  • Give yourself a theme: the holidays, the family, the circus, the garden of your dreams ...
  • Let's go : each, from 0 to 77 years old gets a brush, felt, pencil, charcoal ... Everything is allowed, everything is possible including collages. You can also draw your figure by pressing against the wall and sliding your pencil around you. Or use stencils.

We buy a support

They are numerous in the trade the giant coloring books, type poster or fresco. Here are two who, if you color them with your toddler, will be the most beautiful effect:

  • From 4-5 years old. The garden of small animals, by Janik Coat. An illustrated frieze to color and to put in scene thanks to the 18 stencils. Butterflies, ladybugs ... cute bugs. Ed. Dream Learners, € 11.40. Where to find it?
  • From 7-8 years old. The Foufou coloriage, by Lili Scratchy. Fancy boards. To color gaily and to hang separately or in band. Ed Thierry Manier, 15 €. Where to find it?

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