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We look at Ice Age 3!

We look at Ice Age 3!

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Successful bet for this 3rd installment of the Ice Age which transports us this time to the time of the dinosaurs. Manny, Sid, Diego and their gang are still hilarious! Treat yourself with family from 5 years old.

What happens in Ice Age 3?

  • You remember Manny, this good big mammoth generous but taciturn? He will become a father! Hard to ignore as his future paternity obsesses him. Manny becomes very very considerate with her sweet (fat) Ellie. His friend Diego, the tiger with sharp sabers, also has big problems. His predatory instinct is hiding ... As for Sid the lazy, he is not top form either. He's afraid Manny's not interested in him anymore. And he would like, too, to pamper babies ... Now, it falls perfectly, it falls on three big eggs! No way to abandon them! But their mother's T-Rex is not far off ...

What your little one will love

  • Find this band of endearing friends he knows well now. (The first two also being in video, you saw them and seen with family, did not they?) But also Ellie, the future mother, opossums Crash and Eddie and a new buck Buck Weasel, also fortic that Indiana Jones!
  • Sid always so hilarious with her lisp and her boiling fond of love for her baby dinos. It must be said that barely standing, little fools all fang outside, exclaim: "Mom!" It's not cute?
  • Visual gags with Scrat, the squirrel, who plays as always the interludes. His heart beats this time for Scratina and ... his famous hazelnut! Always there to lure him into a trap.

A word about animation

  • The animation is remarkable, the dinosaurs all more monstrous than each other. Prepare your child ... who, anyway, will be fascinated by this world of dinosaurs. Take back the comments of David Mei, the modeling supervisor: "Our dinosaurs are realistic and scary, but they live in our film, they are not likely to come out to try to eat you!"
  • Ice Age 3, The Dinosaur Times, by Carlos Saldanha and Michael Thurmeier, Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, 1:33, with bonus Buck's Survival Guide! 19,99 €, or 29,99 € the box of the trilogy Age of ice.

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