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Clean hands operation

Clean hands operation

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Rhino, angina ... To protect your little one from the diseases of winter, it's essential not to lock him in a bubble, but to make sure that the ugly microbes stay away from him. And it starts with washing your hands before taking care of him!

  • As much as knowing it, microbes do not just wander through the air. They have another extremely privileged means of transport: the hands. To collect all kinds of unwanted guests, you just have to cough by hiding your mouth with your hand, blow your nose with a tissue, shake the hand of someone who has just done these two high gestures. risks or who just comes out of the toilet having forgotten to go through the washbasin.
  • Then the chain is just beginning: you will touch the handcuffs of your child who himself will have a thousand occasions to bring them to his mouth and contaminate himself. Stop! To avoid this vicious circle, simply think of washing your hands. A basic gesture but so important.

Where when how ?

  • When to wash your hands? Several times a day targeting key moments: before going to the table, when you go home - outside you've touched door knobs, stair railing and all sorts of media filled with germs - and Finally, leaving the toilet.
  • Where to indulge in his ablutions? You can do it anywhere, including using a hydro-alcoholic gel, as effective as water and soap. In public toilets, dry your hands with paper or air dryers rather than with the towel that has already been used.
  • How to do it ? Soap everywhere, without forgetting between the fingers and on the wrists, rinse thoroughly and dry conscientiously, because microbes love moisture.
  • Who should this clean hands operation be applied to? To the whole family, without exception, viruses do not make neighborhoods!

Isabelle Gravillon