Osteopathy: micromassages that relieve

Osteopathy: micromassages that relieve

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There is no question of equating osteopathy, manual medicine, with the laying on of hands, it is not magic! Jean-Paul Saby, graduate osteopath, sheds light on this therapy that relieves the evils of pregnancy and can facilitate childbirth.

Osteopathy, how does it work?

  • Osteopathy is a natural medicine that treats the whole body. Through gentle manipulations, the practitioner puts back into motion skeleton, muscles and organs accessible, as "one frees a drawer stuck". At the same time, it restores the circulation of blood and energies. By intervening on one part of the body, it acts on another related to it, thus going back to the origin of the dysfunction. Thus, a blocked vertebra or a stuck joint can be at the origin of a series of small disorders: backache, migraines ... It is all the talent of the osteopath to put his finger on the failing structure and him restore the necessary movement.
  • To facilitate your delivery, the osteopath will work on the bony parts of the pelvis, and give them maximum mobility. Useful on the day!
  • It can also relieve many ailments, especially in late pregnancy, at the coccyx, lumbar, dorsal and cervical vertebrae. All without any risk for your baby. Osteopathy is also able to solve frequent circulation problems during pregnancy, locate and resolve tensions, erase traces left by previous incidents or accidents, and even slightly "lift" the uterus so as to relieve the pressure on the patient. your perineum.

When to consult the osteopath?

  • The ideal would be to make an appointment with an osteopath before putting a pregnancy on the road, to prepare your body to accommodate your future baby, so to organize his "nest". The earlier the consultation, the better.
  • In reality, 90% of future mothers consult at the end of pregnancy, mainly for back problems or sciatica pain.

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