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Why not an au pair?

Why not an au pair?

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Parents of a toddler, many modes of custody are proposed to you for your child. For example, the au pair. She takes care of the children at your home and can teach them her native language if she is foreign. What rules apply to this type of custody? Here are our tips.

  • The au pair (or young man) is usually a student came to France to learn the language. Aged between 18 and 30, she takes care of the children at the parents' home (30 hours a week) in exchange for a room, a blanket and possibly a subscription card for transport.

The advantages of the au pair

  • If the au pair is foreignshe can teach her mother tongue to children. She picks them up at school, bathes them and prepares them for dinner. She can possibly put away their room and iron their clothes (be careful, she is not a housekeeper). She can also babysit two or three nights a week.

The inconvenients

  • The au pair works only 30 hours a week, which is not suitable for the care of a toddler not schooled. Parents must also have a room available and be ready to welcome the person for a minimum of three months.
  • He or she is often young may not know very well children and does not always have much authority. Put the tabs well, especially in terms of security at home and on the street.
  • Other concern? She will not stay more than 18 months and can leave overnight.
  • Keeping children is not his job. Finally, you have to be ready to share shower, kitchen, living room and intimacy with someone you do not know.

Where to find an au pair

  • To ensure the employment of an au pair in all legality, it is better to go to specialized agencies. or

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