First trimester: how does your baby grow in you

First trimester: how does your baby grow in you

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By what magic can an egg born from two tiny cells become, nine months later, a beautiful baby? Here is the story of the mystery of life, from conception to the end of the third month of pregnancy. Discover month by month how your future baby is growing and its amazing progress!

Month 1 in utero: your baby is preparing his nest

Having discarded all other "competitors", a sperm penetrates inside an egg. It is fertilization, the precious moment when everything begins. The egg will grow at a spectacular speed. Everything is set up: the future placenta, the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid pocket.

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Month 2 in utero: his organs are put in place

This second month is undoubtedly the most essential of the life in utero: during these four weeks, the final organs are put in place and the shape of the body is modeled. During this period, we go from a "shrimp" to what begins to look like a mini baby.

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Month 3 in utero: from embryo, he becomes fetus

With all its organs now in place, the embryo changes its identity and is now called fetus. This 3rd month is used to develop the musculoskeletal system of your baby. Her face is becoming better and better and the sexual organs are well differentiated between the little girl and the little boy ...

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