Name Abdelkarim - Meaning and origin

Name Abdelkarim - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Abdelkarim is a name of Koranic origin which means "the servant of the Generous". According to Al-Waleed ibn Muslim in Jami 'At-Tirmidhi, "Al-Karim" is the 43rd name of Allah.


Tunisian politician Abdelkarim Zebidi, Tunisian footballers Abdelkarim Nafti and Moroccan Abdelkarim Benhenia, Moroccan poet Abdelkarim Tabbal, Moroccan singer Abdelkarim Guennoun.

His character :

Abdelkarim is a courageous and reckless person. A daredevil, he likes to challenge himself to put his abilities to the test. Abdelkarim is always focused on the present. He likes to live from day to day. He is also a sociable and selfless person. A few friends and a little money are enough for him to live happily. He appreciates his loved ones for what they do, not for who they are. Abdelkarim is as honest as he is sincere and he enjoys the same qualities in others. He is naturally cheerful and brings good humor wherever he goes. Indeed, he knows how to convey his joy of life and his passions. He has a great general culture that allows him to interact with everyone. Abdelkarim enjoys meeting with his classmates or his family. It's not someone who likes to be alone. He draws his energy from his interactions with others.

His party :

There are no known parties for the surname Abdelkarim.

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