Abdel-Rahim pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Abdel-Rahim pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Abdel-Rahim is a compound given name obtained from Abdel and Rahim. In Arabic Koranic the prefix Ab- translates as "servant" and is rather a determinant.

The original writing Abd-el therefore means "servant of ...", while Rahim translates as "lenient, full of gentleness". AbdelRahim is thus transcribed by "Servant of the Clement".


Layla AbdelRahim, Canadian Comparative Writer and Anthropologist, Gamal Abdel-Rahim, Egyptian Songwriter and Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, Sudanese Politician.

His character :

Like the green of flowering nature, AbdelRahim embodies a tranquil and harmonious force. Balanced and realistic, AbdelRahim exudes a calming calm reassuring those around him. As a child, he will offer his parents a tender parenthesis after tumultuous days. However, AbdelRahim is not one of those sweet individuals. This is a beating who does not hesitate to show his claws when he is attacked.

A too strict education will amplify its natural tendency to rebellion. He will have trouble supporting the hierarchy. Independent, he preserves his secret garden and opens it only to the one who deserves it. This is the reason why his parents and / or educators will have to initiate the dialogue and give him a certain degree of freedom, fundamental for his well-being. Knowing his need for satisfied independence and his accepted personality, he will blossom for sure and give the best of himself to succeed.


The best-known variant of AbdelRahim is Abdel-Rahim. His original form is Abd el Rahim.

His party :

No party is attributed to the people named Abdel-Rahim until today.

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