Name Areski - Meaning of origin

Name Areski - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This rather original male name means "wealth" or "profusion" according to its original meaning.


Areski Belkacem is a French composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and comedian originally from Versailles. Talented, he is nicknamed "prince consort of French song" by Camille Couteau.
Areski-Fontaine was a French singer and composer particularly famous during the second half of the 20th century.
Areski Ouzrout is a karate researcher and teacher with the rank of 6th dan in this discipline. He is known for having published various books on this combat sport, including Karate: efficiency at your fingertips.
Arezki Yahiaoui is an Algerian diplomat from Kabylie, a region located in the northern part of Algeria.

His character :

Areski has a strong will and is distinguished by a dynamic temperament in everyday life. Driven by his great ambitions, he devotes most of his time to improving his daily life. He feels a real need to act for the benefit of society. Thanks to his rather original personality, Areski likes to be the big brother or leader in a group. His dream would also be to behave like a hero in difficult situations. Curious, Areski favors a lively lifestyle, dotted with novelties and new experiences. Because of his character, he is often perceived as an activist, engaged in trade union or social demands. It is by giving oneself idealistic goals in life that he finds happiness. Areski also has a strong sense of friendship. Thus, he does not spare his efforts to help relatives in difficulty. His behavior is identical in the family, his wife can be considered happy to have found such a gentleman. The generous character of Areski could well lead him to find himself at the head of a large family.


Arezki, Hesky, Heskey and Aresli.

His party :

There is no date chosen to honor the Areski.

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