Name Aubry - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Aubry is derived from the Germanic terms alb and ric which mean respectively "elf" and "mighty".


In the world of medicine, we can quote the general practitioner Aubry Roberts and the physiotherapist Aubry Gérard.
Aubry Gaspard gave his name to his company specializing in the creation and sale of interior decorative objects and gardens.
Aubry Drake is a well-known Canadian singer in the RnB and Rap circles.
Saint Aubry is among the monks who founded the Order of Citeaux. He initiated the reform on the Benedictine rules of this congregation and introduced the white hood into the habit of the monks.

His character :

At first glance, Aubry seems to be distant and indifferent. This façade, however, hides a gentle personality, generous and sensitive. As a child, Aubry will have trouble making friends. He prefers security and quietness of his mother's arms in the afternoons with friends. Growing up, he will gain greater self-confidence and be a little more open to others.
In his personal and professional life, Aubry is one of those who progress slowly, but surely. Without rushing things, he takes the time to analyze situations before moving forward. This attitude is good insofar as it reduces the risk of failure. By dint of waiting, however, others end up ahead.
In love, Aubry is very selective and in no hurry. True to his personality, he takes the time to fully understand the character of his companion before committing. Yet he will be attracted to bold and daring women. As the saying goes, opposites attract ...



His party :

The Aubry are celebrated on the 26th day of January.

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