Prematurity, the first major risk of twin pregnancies

Prematurity, the first major risk of twin pregnancies

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Multiple pregnancies account for about 13,000 births a year. Almost half of the twins are born premature. The PremUp Foundation, which was held in Paris on May 16, 2009, aims to better understand and deal with prematurity. (News of the 18/05/09)

  • In France12737 women gave birth to twins in 2006. In 35 years, this number has increased by 80%, due in particular to later pregnancies and the development of infertility treatments, which accounted for 40% of all cases. births of twins.
  • In addition to the risk of complications during pregnancy and cesarean delivery, twin pregnancies also increase the risk of mortality in utero, as well as the rate of prematurity: about 50% of mothers of twins give birth before 37 weeks of amenorrhea. Twin pregnancies also represent 16% of the very prematurity (between 28 and 33 weeks of amenorrhea).
  • At present, scientific and medical knowledge do not make it possible to reliably assess the risks of preterm labor and even less to predict them. However, in the case of twin pregnancies, specific follow-up makes it possible to obtain preventive effects. "The proper management of these patients by experienced teams is necessary to reduce the risks incurred by the mother and her children," says Dr. Bassam Haddad, obstetrician gynecologist at the hospital intercommunal center of Créteil.
  • Then remains to welcome the babies and to manage the "emotional impact" caused by the simultaneous arrival of the two children. Mothers of twins have twice the risk of depression during the year following birth. A question on which boards the PremUp foundation which has just launched in the neonatology department of the intercommunal center of Créteil, a project to promote the parental bond during the hospitalization of the premature baby.

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