Name Corisande - Meaning of thumbs

Name Corisande - Meaning of thumbs

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This name has no exact meaning.


Corisande Emma Louise Ida de Gramont, known as Corise, was a French aristocrat.
Diane d'Andoins, Countess of Guiche, known as "the beautiful Corisande" is known to have been the royal mistress of Henry IV.
Corisande is the pseudonym of a heroine of the chivalric novel Amadis de Gaule, a Spanish novel by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo published in 1508. This novel is about the life of Amadis, known as the "Dark Handsome" or "Knight of the Green Sword.

His character :

Non-conformist, Corisande is an independent woman who hates constraints. Serious and hardworking, she has a strong will. She constantly needs to go beyond her limits. Active and efficient, her perseverance often leads her to success. Possessing a strong personality, this person stands out by his discretion. Far from being erased, on the contrary, it is very present. Being a woman of innovation, Corisande is both unpredictable and mysterious.
Sensual and seductive, Corisande possesses all the qualities of a true femme fatale. Sometimes extravagant, she needs to be admired. In search of balance, security and stability are paramount to him. As a true woman of power, she loves to own and control. She hates orders and never questions herself. Lacking ego, she appreciates flattery and compliments. In addition, she enjoys luxury and money. Corisande knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life.


There is no name derived from Corisande.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to people calling themselves Corisande.

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