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Fluoride is no longer automatic

Fluoride is no longer automatic

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No supplementation before the first teeth, this is the message reviewed and corrected by the Afssaps (French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products).

Fluor: experts have backtracked

  • The systematic prescription of fluoride orally, recommended from birth to 2 years now seems unfounded. It leaves room for supplementation on a case-by-case basis, starting at the age of 6 months.
  • Datas have, indeed, suggested that the action of fluorine proved more relevant with the appearance of the first teeth. And to advise, as a basis of prevention, a brushing with fluoride toothpaste adapted to the age of the child and under the supervision of an adult. It is more with a small but regular intake of fluorides that one can expect maximum protective efficacy.
  • If the child has a high risk of cavities (poor hygiene, excessive consumption of sweet products), the prescription varies. The experts then recommend a drop or tablet, with an underlying condition: perform a review of the daily intake of fluoride (drinking water, salt) to avoid overdose, causing color and embrittlement of the enamel .

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